Mixed-use Floor Design Tutorial

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This tool set offers a robust platform for designing mixed-use spaces within a building, allowing intricate adjustments and detailed modifications to suit specific functions or purposes for each area within the structure.

  1. Building wall and creating areas

By selecting the mixed-use floor, users engage with the pen tool to initiate edits.

Creating Walls and Spaces:

Clicking allows the creation of walls, vertices, and the formation of spaces.

Users can construct, move, erase, and manipulate walls using the build the wall tool for custom space creation.

B. Altering Use of Spaces:

  • Utilizing the left panel, users can adjust the uses of the space, switching from residential to commercial or other designated uses.
  • Designing specific areas like a residential lobby, means of egress, and other functional spaces.

Clicking on any area brings up the uses in the left panel, allowing alterations of the space’s function.

Modifications can be made, like changing an area to a community facility, parking, retail, or specific functions like medical office, educational space, etc.

  • Customizing Residential Spaces:

Designating specific areas for different purposes within the residential portion, such as amenities, storage, or mechanical spaces.

Adjusting the layout by shortening corridors or redesigning spaces as needed.

  • Space Modification and Deletion:

Offering features to eliminate or alter spaces by moving or erasing walls to redefine the area.

  • Adjusting Deductions:

Users can manipulate deductions either by percentage or area to update and refine the data, providing more control over the building information.

  • Continued Designing:

After making adjustments and reviewing data, users can proceed with further design work, continuing to modify the floor’s layout and space utilization.

Next step: Setback Floor Tutorial.

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