Create Optimized Floor Plans Fast & Efficiently
The first AI platform for creating architectural schematic design.

Optimize profitability, density and living standards while meeting all code regulations.
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Designing at Machine Learning Speed.
ARK software generates optimized building designs instantly, allowing architects to make better and faster decisions. From concept to construction, design the most profitable configurations, optimizing for density and profitability.
Design faster and smarter
Automating manual work for better design decisions at a faster project pace
Generate More Profit
Maximizing your saleable area, number of units and overall efficiency
Up to code
Incorporates local building code and ordinances. ARK brain analyzes and learns metadata of architectural designs and creates infinite variations that account for US local regulations and ordinances.
Customizable with your tools
Continue editing your floor plan to perfection with your goto software
Ark is for
Ark is for
Instant iteration.
Iterate instantly on feasibility studies so you can win work faster and save on opportunity costs.
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Save money and reduce your risk. Change your unit mix, configurations & much more at a press of a button for instant deal iteration.
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What industry leaders are saying about us

Ark is a great tool to optimize the design and profitability of residential projects.
We used Ark to evaluate design options for two residential projects: one condo and one rental building in Brooklyn NY


Lior Barak
The Barak/Blackburn Team

Ark enabled us to review and examine several design options so we could continue with the most optimal design. We used Ark to examine the conceptual design of residential buildings on the East campus of the North Austin master

Tomas Sheleg

Real estate developers spend countless hours and make critical investment decisions based on incomplete information. Ark has the potential to help inform those decisions in a quick efficient manner.

Abe Naparstek
Former EVP, new development in the Northeast at Brookfield, SVP Forest City Realty Trust

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