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From the schematic section of the building generated by the system, you could control the entire  3D massing.

The left panel contains the building information area tables. The pen tool on the lower right would lead you to the floor plan editor for designing each floor. Add more types of typical/setback/commercial/cellar floors, and redesign each floor with the floor plan editor

  1. Schematic Section

This is a side diagram of the building and the heart of the app.

  • Displays all floors, with a distinction between typical floors and the ground floor.
  • Offers functions to add, subtract, and create various floor types.
  • To create a new floor type, double click on the floor, than of the double arrows icon and name the new floor.
  • Click on the new floor and pen tool in order to edit
  • 3D Building Visualization:
    • Provides a 3D representation of the building for a comprehensive view: 

The blue walls are the window walls.

The white walls are the lot line walls.

  • Left Panel for Settings:

Contains options and settings for making deductions or adjustments to the building’s layout.

The deductions could be inserted by percentage or area.

  • Building Information Tables:
    • Includes data on gross and net areas
    • Unit mix count

Building height, and floor specifications, such as editable floor heights.

B. Unit Mix Design:

  • This tool seems to offer a comprehensive set of features for designing and customizing building floors, particularly focusing on apartment layouts, allowing for detailed adjustments and analysis of various factors such as areas, unit types, and room distribution.
  • Allows for the design of a typical floor layout for apartments.
  • Ensures focus on the units area, verifying it’s under residential use.
  • Floor Layout Customization:
  • Unit Types and Settings:
    • Various unit types available, such as studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments.
    • Customizable settings for each unit type, including the price per square foot and minimum area required.
  • Room Distribution Control:
    • Displays the total available rooms along window walls, limiting the number of rooms to be utilized in the design.
    • Constraints on not exceeding the maximum available area for design purposes.
    • Unit Mix Design:
      • Allows for the creation of a unique mix for the typical floor design.
  • Plan Generation and Application:
    • Generates the layout of the typical floor, applying it for further adjustments and modifications.
  • Area Visualization and Analysis:
  • Provides area breakdown by percentages, including gross area and efficiency.

Next step: Mixed-use Floor Design Tutorial.

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