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The Lot Editor tool creates a smart lot configuration that lays the foundation for ARK to automatically generate floor plates.

You would be able to input the project lot line and edit every type of lot line, ARK would define each type of lot line so you could edit even the most complex irregular lots. The system would automatically define the type of lot line: side, rear, street lot line.

Along the side lot lines, you could insert the massing of the adjacent buildings (Height/width/length and distance from lot line) so that the surrounding massing would affect the ARK automated design offer and the project’s 3D massing model.

The Lot Editor Tool offers extensive capabilities for defining and customizing various lot configurations, including dimensions, shapes, lot types, and street 

  1. Choose Lot Type

Users can choose different lot types:

  • Interior
  • Corner
  • two corner lot.
  1. Lot Editor

designations. The Lot Editor enables editing to more complex lot types like through lots or combinations of several lots.

  • Left Panel Editing:

Lot dimensions can be adjusted either through the left panel or directly on the main screen.

  • Start by inputting lot dimensions on the left panel for the larger dimensions.
  • Lot Input Insertion:
  • Subsequent modifications can be made to the lot conditions based on these dimensions in the main panel in more detail.
  • It is recommended to locate the longer street wall at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the inner lot case, locate the street lot line at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the corner lot case, locate the longer street lot line at the bottom of the screen.
  • In the two corner lot case, locate the middle street lot line of the building’s U shape at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Editing Lot Types and Lines:
    • Users can change the lot type and modify every lot line type.

Splitting Lot Line:

Editing involves clicking on the lot line, clicking on the new vertices, and splitting the lot, moving the vertices and creating complex and/or irregular shapes.

  • Angle Maintenance:
    • Red dotted lines indicate 90-degree angles between lot lines to maintain precision while creating different polygons and shapes.
  • Main Panel Modification:
  • Pen Tool for editing lot lines:
    • The pen tool allows changing the lot line type.
    • For Side Lot Lines: Users can add adjacent buildings with specific parameters such as height and distance from the lot line.
    • For Street Lot Line: Users can update if wide or narrow street and add the street name.

Next step: Locate typical floor.

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