Locate Typical & Ground Floor Tutorial

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Locate and edit schematic shapes of the typical floor. 

As a result of the zoning page input and the lot editor settings from the previous stage, ARK would provide the floor plate shape and dimension based on the schematic typical floor and place it in the optimal location on the property.

This design can be moved and relocated anywhere on the lot, as well as the shape/configuration and dimensions of the floor plate can be changed.

If the floor plate exceeds the lot boundaries, ARK warns by highlighting the floor plate with pink if it exceeds the lot lines.

A. Locate Typical:

  • Initial Recommendations:
    • The system suggests a layout with specific shape, dimensions and location for the typical floor.
    • It’s noted that this suggested shape, size and location can be altered and customized.
  • Changing the Shape and dimensions on the left panel:
    • Users have the ability to modify the layout shape.
    • Alternative shapes include: 
    • an infill rectangle with two side lot line walls and corner rectangles/ L shape for corner lots/ U shape for 2 corners lot.
    • Wall Dimensions Arrangements:
      • Designing a double-loaded core door U shape, requiring the arms of the U to be deep for corridors.
    • Applying Changes:
      • Once modifications are made, they can be applied to the floor layout.

 Moving the floor plate:

On the main panel, grab the floor plate and moving it, using the ruler tool

B. Core Selection 

This process involves creating a typical floor before customizing its shape and dimensions to meet specific requirements. 

On the left panel:

 The system would suggest the number of stairs and elevators

The system would inform the units area

  • The user would need to insert the “Minimum Room Width”, this is the length of every legal room along the window wall.
  • The user would need to insert the “Minimum RoomDepth”, this is the minimum depth of the legal rooms.

Than “click “Apply Changes”

On the main panel:

The user would select the preferred core layout that would become the basis for the design.

Next step: Unit Layout tutorial.

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