Core Selection Tutorial

Core Settings: 

ARK generates several schematic floor plans that include the building’s core components.

From now on, you can edit the number of stairs and elevators recommended by the system.

Using the pen tool on the bottom right of the screen, you can now edit the floor plate design.

Wall types:

There are two types of walls on ARK floor plates: window walls that provide the legal light and air fenestrations and lot line walls that do not.

You can edit and change wall types, break walls, and create any recesses, courts, and setbacks that are required by different regulations and market standards.

Room size:

You would need to enter the minimum average room size on the left panel and the system would automatically align the legal rooms with the legal window walls. This dimension would be defined by both regulatory requirements of minimum room size and market standards/comps of the area and the building type.

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