How It Works

Ark 2.0, with its AI abilities, will guide you through the different stages of creating your real estate feasibility and schematic design.

In order to get the most out of your project in terms of speed and accuracy, it is important to understand the different stages of the process which we explain here in detail.


Stage 1


Provide several basic details about your project, such as the number of Floors, the number of Dwelling units, building uses and the Zoning district; these details will help ARK suggest better options further in the process.

Stage 2

Lot Editor

Create the property lines of the Lot and provide information on the surroundings (Streets, Adjacent buildings, and yards). 

Stage 3

Locate Main Floors

Locate the schematic floor plate of the ground and Typical floor of the Project, use different Shapes and sizes to explore and select a floor scheme.

Stage 4

Core Editor

Design the Vertical Shafts focusing on the residential floors; Adjust the circulation and Determine Rooms size according to the market standards and building type (Rental/ Condo/ Affordable).

Stage 5

Schematic Section

Receive the schematic side view and 3D massing of your project. From this point forward plan  the project according to your personal preferences. Control the number of floors and their types(Cellar, Ground, Mixed-use, Typical and setback), Edit the floor plans, View summarize area calculations and export it to PDF and Revit file for further design.

Stage 6

Floor Plan Editor

Edit the Floor plate, create recesses, courts and setbacks; plan the units layout based on your choice of units types distribution. Within minutes the Ark algorithm will generate potential floor plans that meets building code. Select and edit the best option for your project.

Start creating optimized floor plans fast & efficiently with ARK

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