Click on the area.

The area would turn darker.

Double click on any wall (excluding core walls).


Click on build a wall icon on the upper bar and create a wall.


Make sure to enclose the new area.

Click on the wall.


Grab the wall and move.

Click on the wall.

Double click where you would like to create a dot.


Click on the split wall icon.


Double click on the dot.


Click on the dot.

Click on the “Join a wall” icon.


Click on the wall.

Click on X on the upper bar.

Click on the outer wall.

Click on the upper bar, Switch to another wall icon.


Select, push and pull walls to merge with other walls.


Double-click on the wall

Select dot
Grab and move the dot to the parallel wall

Select wall

Select Single step mode tool from the upper bar

Click on arrow to move wall.

Select wall

Select Change size mode from the upper bar

Click on dot

Click on the arrow to move the wall

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