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Fariba Makooi, AIA

Published on March 08, 2024

Fariba Makooi, RA, AIA, WBE

Fariba Makooi, the visionary founder of Fischer + Makooi Architects PLLC, leads a distinguished firm specializing in architectural, interior design, and planning services. 

At FMA, we are renowned for our innovative and cost-effective design solutions, we prioritize crafting designs that uniquely cater to our clients’ needs.

As the architectural landscape evolves with the integration of AI technology, FMA proudly contributes to developing tools that streamline the building design process. Our diverse team excels in ground-up multi-family housing and mixed-use projects, exhibiting expertise across various architectural domains, including hotels, commercial complexes, healthcare facilities, and more.

We take immense pride in our certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise, holding WBE status in both New York City and New York State. From design and site planning to construction and interior design, our goal is to deliver efficient, cost-effective, and personalized solutions to our clients.

With over three decades of experience in designing residential and mixed-use buildings across New York City, Fariba Makooi brings a wealth of expertise to our firm. Her areas of specialization include zoning analysis, project management, and design across residential and hospitality projects. Fariba’s passion for architecture was ignited during her teenage years while exploring Europe, where she developed a profound fascination with the built environment.

Courtesy: Fischer + Makooi Architects PLLC

For Fariba, New York City serves as a beacon of architectural wonders. Despite gender-related challenges early in her career, she emerged as a prominent architect, serving as a role model for aspiring women architects. Her advice to fellow women architects is to persist against all odds, amplifying their voices and advocating for equality in the industry.

As pioneers in integrating AI and technology into her architectural design practice, we have asked Fariba for her insights into the future of the architectural design process:

What’s the biggest impact technology has had on how you do your work in the past decade?

Technology has been transformative for our architectural practice in numerous ways. One significant impact has been the improvement in precision and performance. With the integration of different software programs, we’ve been able to streamline our workflow and reduce duplication of work. For example, utilizing Excel for area charts that seamlessly integrate into our drawings has saved us considerable time and effort. Additionally, the adoption of 3D modeling has revolutionized our ability to extract vital architectural elements swiftly upon completing a model. While the initial data input may require more time, the efficiency gained in the final output far outweighs the investment.

If you had to guess, what’s the biggest impact technology will have on your business in the next decade?

Courtesy: Fischer + Makooi Architects PLLC

A: Looking ahead, I envision technology continuing to shape the future of architectural practice in profound ways. One key area of impact will be the acceleration of initial studies, empowering clients to explore numerous design options quickly and make informed decisions early in the process. Furthermore, advancements in visualization techniques hold promise for creating more immersive experiences, allowing stakeholders to visualize the end product with greater realism and clarity. Ultimately, I anticipate technology will play a pivotal role in enhancing collaboration, efficiency, and creativity within our architectural endeavors.

Courtesy: Fischer + Makooi Architects PLLC

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